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Kansplaats collectiebeheer

Voor onze opdrachtgever in de regio Zuid-Holland zijn wij op zoek naar een erfgoedtalent die voldoet aan onderstaand profiel.


  1. Brendel models
    1. Check to be sure that all parts of each model belong together. If not, identify what they are.
    2. Register each model in database. Log condition.
    3. Complete survey of Dutch collections, extend to European collections.
    4. Check the literature to see how they were used
    5. Writing texts by objects
    6. Help by designing the presentation of the models
  2. Commercial wall charts
    1. Compare collection of originals against collection of photos, confirm that each set of photos is complete.
    2. Locate as many images missing from our collection as possible, and register other collections that have them.
    3. Try and put electronic sets together (this has been done for the Pfurtscheller series). This will require determining how many images were in each series, who has them, etc. Some series may be complete in other collections.
    4. See whether the handbook/catalogues are available
    5. survey of Dutch collections


The candidate has a degree in museology (or comparable field)
The candidate has affinity with science & technology
The candidate is systematic and organized
The candidate is enterprising and an independent worker
The candidate is able to work in Dutch and English, reading German is not a problem




6 maanden


Minimaal 24 uur per week